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"The Miracle Revival Hour" can be heard by clicking on the "Connection Speed" link. If you are using a Cable connection, please click "Cable". If you are using a Modem connection, please click "Modem". I know you will be blessed as you listen to the broadcast and hear the Word preached with power and true Holy Ghost Anointing.

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A Word...
God has given Pastor Paul a Word to give you the listener, in hope that you will "Get the Message!" This Sermon is uninterrupted and can be heard by going to the section below.
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Here's your opportunity to join Pastor David Paul in a Holy Ghost-filled service for a COMPLETE SERMON that will bless your life and allow you to experience the atmosphere of MIRACLES and ANOINTING as Pastor Paul ministers the Word. EACH WEEK you have the chance to listen to a different sermon so be sure and save this page to your "FAVORITES" list and visit often! Invite friends and family to listen and share the GOOD NEWS with your church family as well... this is an awesome opportunity to receive from the Lord through one of God's Anointed Vessels.
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This week's message is entitled: "Praise Rocks the House!..." and this week's Get the Message?... is entitled "Break-Up, Break-Down, and Breakthrough" As you listen and are blessed by the Word, remember that you can purchase this sermon as well as others in the Ministry Resources section.
Get the Message?...
"Break-Up, Break-Down, and Breakthrough" Cable Modem
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